Currently, our Robotics program is based on the LEGO NXT and EV3 Mindstorms robotics
platforms. Our students learn NXT-G 2.1 software and very soon, the EV3 software.

Robotics Level One students use laptop computers and a programming interface to
instruct  their NXT robots to move forward, backward, turn and follow lines. Robotics
Level Two
students use laptop computers and a programming interface to instruct their
EV3 robots to use multiple motors, plus light, touch, and sound sensors. Robotics Level
Three and Missions
students take their programming coding skills to the
next level, solving specific game tasks and prepping for team competition.

Classses are designed for fourth through eighth grade students.

We offer once-a-week after school curriculum, usually lead in 1.75-hour lessons.
Plus, for our advanced students, we offer once-a-month on Sundays Level Three
lessons, usually lead in 2-hour sessions. Check our class schedules for an
upcoming session or walk-in Sunday date that suits your family.

VEX ROBOTC Programming
VEX RobotC programming classes are designed for sixth through twelfth grade students. Learn
how to optimize driver remote controls as well as autonomous programming techniques
for the VEX platform.

RoboBowl VEX Demo Files